Aerial Imaging

IPage UMS presents the High-resolution aerial imagery with an unprecedented resolutions starting from Ground Sampling Distances as high as 1.2CM GSD up to 15 CM GSD. This minute level of detail is currently out of bounds for Satellite imagery and other traditional sources. The most modern satellites can deliver a GSD of 30 CM.


Earlier, manual Surveys were needed to generate data of such high-accuracy, and took days or even months to acquire data of a few Sq. Kilometers. Now, we can deliver more accurate data in a matter of hours. With most of the post processing work automated, the level of accuracy is also higher, eliminating human error to a great extent.

Security Solutions

We are proud to announce that Our Security division, set up in association with AETOS of Singapore, a world leader with proven track record in providing reliable, fool proof and robust solutions to Governments and Industrial Establishments, Banks and Secondary Security companies with the necessary Solutions, Services and Training to meet their emerging security needs. We provide Efficient and effective Surveillance Technologies, Armed Guards Training, Communications Infrastructure, Vehicle Tracking and Armoured Vehicles and a host of allied services.

IPage UMS - The Most Powerfull & Secured UAS TECHNOLOGY

Plan: Import your preferred base map and define the area you want to cover. Then specify your required ground resolution, with a maximum GSD of 1.5 cm, and image overlap.
Flying over uneven terrain? Use eMotion’s 3D mission planning feature to take elevation data into account when setting the altitude of waypoints and the resulting flight lines - improving ground resolution and increasing safety.

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Launch: To launch the eBee, shake it three times to start its motor, then just throw it into the air.
The artificial intelligence inside the eBee’s autopilot continuously analyses data provided by the Inertial Measurement Unit and onboard GPS to control every aspect of its flight.

Process: Use the eBee’s supplied Postflight Terra 3D software to easily process your flight’s photos.
In just a few clicks you can transform this imagery into geo-referenced 2D orthomosaics, 3D point clouds, triangle models and Digital Elevation Models (DEMs).